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Justice League Review

DC’s main event is a mostly enjoyable one with a few noticeable caveats. Character dynamics shine brightest, the league is rounded out by lots of charismatic moments. Each hero has a few scenes that help solidify their personalities and contributions to the group. These moments, like Flash and the speed force or Wonder Woman foiling terrorists, these are excellent scenes. There are certainly questionable moments that could have been edited out, seeing as this movie was supposedly edited down from 2 hours and 50 minutes to just shy of 2 hours. While the CGI is annoying, the villain isn’t memorable, and the story isn’t anything new, there’s still plenty to enjoy in Justice League and enough to recommend to comic fans and general film-goers.

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This Weekend at the Movies

banner_spyOpening this weekend are a trio of movies that almost certainly will bring their own unique crowd. We have Spy, the third film from Paul Feig who has taken the comedy world by storm with Bridesmaids and will helm the upcoming the all female Ghostbusters. Spy looks to be the biggest draw of the weekend and rightfully so with a superb 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes out of 67 reviews. While we don’t go for a review score, Rotten Tomatoes makes for a good review aggressor because it gives a positive rating if the critic reviewing the content liked it (a fresh tomato) whereas if they didn’t like it, the content gets a rotten tomato. It essentially tells us what critics liked it and what critics didn’t.

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