Tacoma Review

From the developers of “Gone Home” comes a great sci-fi story told within a fascinating world for the asking price of $10 too much. Tacoma boasts loads of personality, the game wouldn’t work without accomplishing this feat. Getting to know the lives of the crew members, their personal stories, and connectedness (or lack of) to one another feels very intimate and engaging. For fans of “Gone Home” or good story games in general, I would definitely recommend Tacoma but for those looking for something other/more than a storytelling experience you might want to wait for a sale.

Like Gone Home, Tacoma relies on the fine details to extrapolate good bits of story. Sharing another trait of Gone Home, there’s not much more to the game once you finish it. Albeit I’m more inclined to give Tacoma another playthough (and I think it warrants one) whereas I was satisfied with my single playthrough of Gone Home. Tacoma is short. Really short. Thus this review will follow suit.

The more you get into the story, the more compelling it becomes, but there isn’t much else. This would be a hell of a VR game, because it feels like a VR experience. Lots of reading, hand gestures, gravity being manipulated (don’t get too excited), but there’s no compelling gameplay or reason to play past a second time once you beat it. My first playthough I clocked in at around 2 hours, the second playthrough will likely be even quicker because uncovered 90% of the entire game. $20 USD asking price is just too steep, it’s absolutely worth a buy at about half of the asking price, but for fans of a good story and Gone Home, I think you can unload the chamber on your wallet it’s just important to know what you’re getting.

Tacoma is a great story, some fun mystery and sleuthing exercises, and boasts  intimate and engaging characters. It also boasts a hefty price tag for a game with minimal gameplay and replay value. I enjoyed my time becoming immersed with the world and I would love to see a sequel. For those of you on the fence, maybe wait for a sale, you won’t regret picking up the game, but you can beat it just as quickly as watching a movie at the cinema.

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