Table Top Racing skidding onto Xbox One in March

table top racing world tourReleasing on PlayStation 4 and PC last May, Table Top Racing: World Tour will be firing across the pond and onto the Xbox One in March. Similar to the likes of Micro Machines or any other micro-miniature racing title, the game sees you battling with other cars around creative and adventurous circuits.

Table Top Racing: World Tour features 8 player online racing as well as weapon pickups to pinch the lead. The game didn’t review too great on previous releases, sitting with a 55% Metacritic score on PlayStation 4. However, the developer Playrise Digital have done some work since its first incarnation and below, you can see what’s new.

There are two major differences that make Table Top Racing: World Tour on Xbox One stand apart from its previous incarnations:

1. Playrise have rolled all the content released to date into one awesome value bundle. On previous platforms, players could only host and play multi-player games with other users that had the same DLC packs. Multiplayer ‘fragmentation’ will not be an issue for Xbox One gamers.

2. Playrise have added voice-com support in multiplayer races and lobbies – how better to celebrate a crushing victory than to taunt a rival with a good bit of banter?!

Table Top Racing: World Tour has already been downloaded over 4.5 million times across both Steam for Windows PC and PlayStation® Network for PlayStation®4 since its launch in 2016. Table Top Racing: World Tour has proudly earned itself an average of 4.23 out of 5 stars from over 25,000 ratings on the PlayStation® Network.

With Table Top Racing: World Tour for XBOX One, players will jump into the driving seats of all 16 super-cool miniaturised racing cars, taking a grand tour of 8 unique locations around the world. For XBOX players, there are 32 courses to master and 12 Championship Trophies to collect.

“Our small but hugely talented Indie dev team at Playrise Digital have worked wonders with Table Top Racing: World Tour for Xbox One!” commented Nick Burcombe, CEO and Game Director of Table Top Racing at Playrise Digital, “ I really hope Xbox One players fall in love with its slick gameplay, cut-throat 8-player online multiplayer and tongue-in-cheek humour. We’re very excited to finally bring TTR to XBOX One and we’ve made a number of tweaks and improvements to it too!”

With Codemasters bringing back Micro Machines this year too, it seems there’s a bit of competition ahead for these mini-racers.

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