System Shock 3 confirmed, teaser side up.

System Shock 3Looks like System Shock is back, because not only has a remake of the PC classic been confirmed, but there’s also a new sequel in the genre-defining First-Person-Survival-Horror-RPG series. Naturally It’s going to be called System Shock 3.

The twist though? The developer this time is not Looking Glass Studios (Mainly because they disbanded years ago) but Otherside Entertainment, who right now are working on Underworld Ascendant, a First-Person roleplaying game that will serve as a successor to the Ultima Underworld series, the good news is that many of the employees at Otherside are actually ex-Looking Glass members, so there’s hope that this new entry won’t suffer the usual problems video game sequels get when handled by another different dev team.

All we have right now is a teaser site, accompanied by a creepy 12 seconds audio clip featuring Shodan. It looks like she’s still voiced by the same actress too!

The bad news is that there’s no trailer or pictures available at the time of writing, but the site has a link to a survey, which hints at the possibility of a multiplatform release, and even asks what the user’s opinion is about VR devices, does this mean that System Shock 3 might be compatible with the Oculus Rift? We’ll have to wait and see.

[Source: Official website]

So tell us 4-One community, are you excited for System Shock 3? Are you wary even if there’s developers from the original team involved? Do you want to use a VR headset to play it? Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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