Swords are coming to Destiny…

Destiny… Well we already knew that, and we’re sure most of you budding Destiny fans out there will already know as well, but yesterday during the Destiny Livestream, Bungie finally showed off some of the new swords that’ll be coming to the game when The Taken King expansion launches later this month. So at least now we have some more information for you to indulge in. So let’s start with categorisation, as a lot of people have been wondering whether or not an additional weapon slot will be added. Well no, the Swords themselves are going to be placed in the ‘heavy weapon’ category replacing your Gjallarhorn. This means they’ll be the subject of purple ammo drops which is a big enough drama in itself if you don’t have enough money to purchase refill packs. Hopefully they’ll be affective enough to be worth the trouble, they look the part at least!

Another thing worth noting is that acquisition of a Sword isn’t going to be dealt with in the usual manner we’ve

Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves!

become custom too in Destiny, instead Swords need to be ‘forged’ through a series of quests much like the objectives of some ‘Exotic’ weapon drops. Swords will also be the subject of their own unique perks that will be unlocked by the usual means, the controls will also, already be somewhat familiar to the dedicates of Destiny as u-nsheathing your Sword will put the camera into third person mode much like the swords dropped from the Hive enemies in previous DLC. Which should prove a popular feature to those of us who like seeing their Guardian in all their awesome glory.So with that, we’d now like to address the Destiny fans within the 4-One Gaming community, are you looking forward to wielding a Sword in Destiny? Should make for some interesting Crucible plays. Let us know below!

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