Swiss retailer claims Battlefield 5 is set in World War 1

battlefield 5Swiss retailer World of Games posted a pre-order link for Battlefield 5, and more importantly, gave it a description of “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg” which translates into “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1”.

The description has since changed to just ‘Multiplayer tactical shooter’, but not before someone screen-shotted the listing for the world to see. If EA and DICE go down the road of World War 1, it will certainly be interesting and quite a step back from modern/futuristic shooters!

Another interesting reveal is that the game’s release date is said to be October 26th. We know that Battlefield 5 is in the works, but we haven’t had an official announcement yet, and the last we heard regarding the game was its rumoured ‘Armageddon‘ tagline. If Battlefield 5 is set in World War 1, it will unlikely have such a name.

world war 1 battlefield 5

World War 1, better known as ‘The Great War’ took place between July 1914 and November 1918. Countries fought over were Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, China and off the coast of South and North America. Much of the battle took place in trench warfare, with the support of armoured cars, tanks, propellor planes and artillery. There were also naval battles, and it would be interesting to know if DICE would make use of naval warfare again, should this rumour prove true.

ww1 armored car

[Source: Twitter, World of Games]

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