Surgeon Simulator Trumps with free DLC

surgeon simulator inside donald trumpBossa Studios have released a free downloadable update for their hilarious Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition, which adds Donald Trump as a patient. Yes, you have an opportunity to perform heart surgery on the controversial businessman come presidential candidate!

Included with the DLC are a few new items to toy around with too, including Trump Vodka, Trump Steak and Trump Tower. If you sign up to Club Bossa, you can unlock some lipstick to use on Trump, if you ever dreamed of seeing him wearing lipstick.

“Inside Donald Trump,” the name of the add-on, players are tasked with performing heart surgery and must decide if Donald Trump is a “gold hearted hero or a stone hearted villain.”

“All hearts given to Trump in successful transplants will be shown on a live tracker, and the results will be tallied on Twitter with the hashtags TrumpHeartGold or TrumpStoneHeart. The updated website will even display the total amount of dollars spent on Trump surgeries across the world,” writes VG247.

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