Support requests from people who requested No Man’s Sky refund blocked by Sony

Sony Computer EntertainmentTypically if you purchase a digital game on Sony’s PlayStation store then it’s yours to keep with the sale being final and no returns allowed. Both Sony and Microsoft are pretty inflexible when it comes to after sales support. When No Man’s sky crashed down to earth though many gamers asked Sony for refunds and some were granted due to the high demand for them and the overwhelming amount of controversy. Now it seems that Sony may be holding that against those people.

Sony granted a rare  and “one time gesture of good will” when they gave people their money back in the wake of the No Man’s Sky awful release. Many people assumed that would be the end of the matter and that Sony wouldn’t hold it against users for requesting refunds despite being labelled as ‘Thieves’ by one former employee. Well it seems that might not be the case.


Some users on NeoGAF have reported that Sony has blocked support chat requests tied to their account. This means that if you have an issue with your account or you need to resolve something,  then unfortunately that’s too bad for you. The only way around this according to the NeoGAF users is to fill out the form before you start a chat with a different username than your actual username although it’s not clear what happens when you tell them your actual PSN id.

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One user called Admiral Woofington reported that when trying to cancel a pre-order a month in advance via phone he was told by the representative “oh I see you got a refund for No Man’s Sky as a one time gesture of good will. Because of that we can’t give you a refund for this”.

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Another user called Kyoufu (nice) said “If I enter my PSN ID in the field where it asks for my account ID then it says their customer support chat is unavailable. If I enter any other ID, I then connect to an agent”. They also said “They blocked my PSN ID on their web chat service after I got a refund for No Man’s Sky. Sony’s customer service is the pits.”

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It’s unforgivable that Sony would just refuse to help its users with issues to the services they have paid for just because you requested a refund for a dodgy game that was marketed by them. Hopefully this is a simple error that Sony will fix but going by the sound of the phone call it could well be a deliberate move at worst or a flaw in Sony’s policies at best . We will of course keep you updated if and when there’s any developments.

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