Supergirl is coming to LEGO Dimensions, with fine print

supergirl lego dimensionsLEGO Dimensions released late last year, and has so far proven to be rather successful, even if buying the boxes of starter kits and bundles proves costly for parents of young kids, or working gamers trying to have it all. Previously leaked, LEGO Dimensions will soon get Supergirl, but there are a couple of hitches that may deter fans.

First of all, she will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 platform. So anyone on the Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U will miss out. That’s a pretty crappy move or deal. Supergirl will come bundled alongside Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf in the PlayStation 4 Starter Pack for Lego Dimensions. The expected release date is the end of September.

It gets worse. Are you ready? You’ll only be able to acquire her by buying the game’s next Starter Pack due in September. If you already own the base game and multiple boxed sets, you will need to splash out on the base game again, just to get access to Supergirl. Someone overlooked this whole situation. No joy for the first time buyers who supported you at launch, no?

Supergirl will be able to use super strength, invulnerability, heat vision, and have a red power ring. As you do.

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