Super Mario Run for Android coming ‘soon’

super mario runiPhone owners were fortunate enough to be the first to get their hands on Super Mario Run last year, but Android phone owners will soon get their chance, as Nintendo have nailed down a ‘launch window’ for its mobile release.

Unfortunately, Nintendo couldn’t confirm an actual date, and insist on leaving it as mysterious as ‘March’. When it March? When its fans are instead playing with their new Switch console, or weeks later, when they have run out of games to play on the console? Am I sounding grumpy? I probably am.

Why not release it in February, bring back some Mario and Nintendo joy to previous Nintendo lovers, in order to tempt them into buying the Nintendo Switch? That’s what I would have done, but nope. If you’re still willing to check out Super Mario Run when it finally releases on Android, you can pre-register for access here through the Google Play Store.

You can enjoy the first few levels for free, but after that, you need to splash out about $10 for the full experience.

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