Super Mario Odyssey Impressions

Super Mario OdysseyNintendo are amongst the best in the business when it comes to producing quality games and that’s especially true when those games involve wide open world’s full of content that will satisfy everyone from kids to self proclaimed hardcore gamers. Super Mario Odyssey takes the best bits from previous Mario games and mashes them altogether in this latest instalment. The first thing to strike me was just how gorgeous the game looks. Nintendo continue to amaze me with what they can do with the power available in the Nintendo Switch.

I’ll not delve too deep into the story because it’s a Mario game and by now I’m sure e all know roughly what the plot will entale, Kidnapping, Multiple boss fights etc etc.  It’s amazing that such an old formula can be made to feel fresh all over again and that really is testament to the hard work of the development team. It’s a fun story though that develops at a good pace. I’m going to concentrate on the gameplay because that’s where this game really shines.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey takes place over a number of different kingdoms each having it’s own unique feel and design. There’s much more detail than you might first notice and there’s plenty for you you to explore. The game world’s have been expertly created as you might expect from Nintendo but they’re just so clever in how they’re done it’s staggering.

Super Mario Odyssey is a 3d game and the control scheme compliments it and works brilliantly, especially with the Joy-cons. You can throw Cappy (your new sidekick) by gesturing with the controllers and its on point with its responsiveness. There’s a wide variety of creatures for you to possess and doing so will help you to collect the in game currency and power moons that you require.  There’s plenty of options for you to take advantage of in order to reach those hard to get too places, such as using  Cappy  as a sort of trampoline. The level design has been meticulously planned out and its nothing short of perfection.
Super Mario Odyssey
Speaking of in game currency, each kingdom has its own unique currency that you can use to buy outfits. They’re plentiful and rewarding. You feel a great sense of satisfaction when you change Mario’s clothes to better suit his surroundings.  best of all everything is available in game and you wont have to reach for that wallet. Nintendo have once again showed the industry that you don’t need to treat your fans as cash cows in order to make a game sell.

One of the best parts of the game by far is the use of 2d, 8-bit style sections. You’ll see the iconic green pipes going into a wall. Walk into the pipe and you’re in a 2d section where you can enjoy a throw back to the 80′ and 90’s. It’s a stroke of genius and is my personal favourite part of the game.  Even the music reverts back to a period correct theme. It really was such a great gaming moment when i saw this in action for the first time.

Super Mario Odyssey

Whilst you don’t have to collect every power moon to progress the game really comes into it’s own if you make a point of collecting them all. there are many hidden section scattered throughout the game, each offering various challenges and difficulty levels. This truly is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Super Mario Odyssey has been picking up perfect score from all quarters of the media and I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s really that good. In short yes, yes it is. The game is as near perfect as you could hope for and is just so much fun to play. Since the game landed on my doorstep it’s been a race to get to the Switch as my kids can’t stop playing. This is surely a contender for game of the year alongside Nintendo’s other big success, Breath of the Wild, both of which are near perfect games. These successes may tempt you to consider picking up a Switch and if you ask me then yes you most definitely should.  Being able to take these high quality gaming experiences on the road as well as enjoying them with your feet up on the couch is such a huge selling point. The Switch is selling like hotcakes and Super Mario Odyssey is only going to help that trend. It’s been an amazing year for Nintendo and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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