Super Mario Mash-Up Pack coming to Minecraft Wii U

minecraft wii u super marioThis week, it was revealed that Minecraft on Wii U would be receiving a free Super Mario Mash-Up Pack on May 17th, which is a fantastic idea and it’s great to see it happening. Bringing Mario, Peach, Toad and other Mario characters to Minecraft should go down very well for Nintendo fans.

“Partnership with Nintendo on this has been great,” Spencer said. “Nice to see Minecraft doing so well on the Wii U and to get the Mario content.”

The pack will bring 40 themed skins of Mario cast favourites, as well as 15 songs from Super Mario 64, and new Mario-themed textures. Obviously these won’t be available on Xbox or PlayStation platforms, but it’s not like there isn’t already a great choice of content on those platforms. Hey, maybe we’ll see Star Fox and Zelda content coming to the Wii U version in the future? That would be awesome!

A physical edition of Minecraft will hit the Wii U on June 17th, and when it does, it will include the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack within the bundle, all for $30 or so. Now, what are you guys going to make with these new assets? Recreate Peach’s castle? One of Mario 64’s worlds?

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