Super Mario Maker will have pre-made levels

Super Mario BrosConsidering the popularity of Sony’s Little Big Planet it seems amazing that Nintendo didn’t think to release a game allowing users to create their own Mario levels long ago. Super Mario Maker will release on the 11th of September but if you’re not all that interested in creating levels then don’t worry because Nintendo will be including 100 of their own.

This will be good news for everybody whether you’re just wanting some levels to play while you wait for the player created content to start pouring out or whether you’re looking for a little inspiration for your own next creation. Just like Little Big Planet the levels will come included on the disc.

People have been making their own Mario games/levels for a very long time. It’s one of the first things that many aspiring developers start off with and platformers often prove to be some of the best games for teaching level design. Super Mario Maker looks set to create one of the easiest to use game development softwares around and should prove to be both great fun and a great source of learning for children and adults alike. Games like Little Big Planet or Project Spark on the Xbox One have shown just how successful and popular the create-your-own genre can become and we already know that there are creative gamers out there that can come up with ideas you’d never expect. With all of this in mind it should be very interesting to see where they take things with Mario. Who knows, perhaps Nintendo will even learn a thing or two from the experience.

Check out the gameplay footage below to see just as user friendly the tool really is.

Source: Nintendo UK

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