Super Mario Maker Update adds Checkpoints and more this November

Super Mario MakerWhen it released earlier this year Super Mario Maker proved to be one of the best level creation games on the market thanks to its accessibility and ease of use. It did however have some absences that would leave you scratching your head. These look set to be addressed in a new Super Mario Maker update that will release on November 4th.

When the game launched without checkpoints it caused two significant problems. Many level designers felt obliged to either make levels shorter or to make their longer levels less challenging in order to get a higher completion rate. Similarly players were forced back to the beginning of even the most lengthy levels after each death. For many these levels became a frustrating war of attrition rather than the enjoyable experience the designer had hoped for. Now these problems will finally be fixed with the addition of a checkpoint system. Unfortunately you can’t edit the levels you’ve already uploaded so for these you’ll need to add your checkpoints into your original level save file and re-upload it. If you choose to do this then don’t forget to remove the original upload.

Another problem was the lack of evolving question blocks. A Fire Flower was a Fire Flower whether you already had a Super Mushroom power-up or not. The upcoming update will allow for smarter question blocks that will dispense an item based on Mario’s current state. While not quite as vital as the inclusion of checkpoints this will certainly make Mario Maker levels feel more like the real thing.

Also included in the update is a new, more challenging version of the Gnat Attack minigame.

Finally for those of you who are fed up of trawling through automatic levels (or just plain old bad levels) it will now be much easier to find official courses created by genuine Nintendo developers.

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to pick the game up you can check out our review here.

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