Super Bario arcade bar in Glasgow needs your help

super barioIn Glasgow, Scotland will soon open its first ‘arcade bar’, featuring your favourite beers alongside your favourite arcade machines. But first, the guys behind it require some financial help to make it happen, and are appealing for help on Kickstarter.

Super Bario is being brought to life by three friends with a dream. Clothing store owner George, freelance photographer Shaun and retail manager Scott, and according to the Scotsman website, “A target of £5000 in 30 days has been set and will go towards building a bar and cellar, upgrading the decor with the help of local artists and electrical work to power the games, among other things.”

There are 5 days left of the 30, and the guys have so far raised £3,800 towards their goal. Here, you can find a link to their Kickstarter page, and here’s a link to their Facebook page.

The list of games that Super Bario aim to provide includes “Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Metal Slug, Moonwalker, Tekken 3, Mortal Kombat II, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Ridge Racer, Sega Rally and many more that we’ll be rotating every month to keep the games as fresh as the beer.” If all goes well, you could find the bar at 7 King Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

“Arcade bars have been gaining popularity in the US and further afield for a few years now but are still a relatively new thing in the UK and Europe” George explains. 
“We really think there’s a gap in the market for this in Glasgow and wanted to provide somewhere that offers something a bit different from most bars in the city centre.”


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