Summer with Dying Light Campaign

summer with dying lightTechland have announced ‘Summer with Dying Light’ via Twitter, a summer-long campaign to keep players active and happy on Dying Light, their smash hit of 2015 which has won many fans over. Every weekend for six weeks, a new theme will be playable for the duration of the weekend, offering you a fun way to play the game, and get more value out of your purchase.

summer with dying lightThe Summer with Dying Light campaign starts this weekend with the Spider Crane event. With unlimited grappling hook shots and almost no fall damage, players will be able to traverse the city of Harran like never before.

July 4-5                                 –             Spider-Crane
July 11-12                           –             Harran Marathon
July 15-16                           –             To be announced soon!
August 15-16                    –             To be announced soon!
August 22-23                    –             To be announced soon!
August 29-30                    –             To be announced soon!

[Source: Twitter]

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