Summer Lesson, having a blast, Summer Lesson, happened so fast…

summer lessonA PlayStation VR tech demo created by the Tekken team may see its way into stores in both Japan and Europe. Summer Lesson was shown at E3 last year by Bandai Namco, and the publisher has since trademarked it for release in Europe. Boys, keep your pants on.

Summer Lesson aims to provide you, the teacher with a sunny backdrop, a wooden cabin, and a young, blonde student. Throughout your experience, she will ask you various questions which you can respond to with a yes or a no nod. Unfortunately you can’t talk to her with your own voice, but maybe in the sequel? Take a look at the E3 trailer below.

While this ‘game’ is most likely run on rails, it has potential to take the genre somewhere, and if a game like Summer Lesson could allow fans to download characters from a list of established games on the PlayStation front, there could be money to be made. Throw in a few Tekken characters, some of Uncharted’s ladies, TIFA from Final Fantasy VII or Lightning, even some boys for the girls to talk to. It’s all part of our journey towards the Star Trek holodeck, and I’m on board with this. I’m just still waiting for the never-going-to-happen Milo on Xbox 360 from 2009’s E3 show.

[Source: Youtube]

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