Hacker group claim responsibility for Battlefield 1 beta issues

Battlefield 1On the off-chance that one or two of you may not have heard, the Battlefield 1 beta launched to the general public yesterday and with the exception of one or two complaints regarding the map that has been made available to play. Things seem to be going rather well for EA. However, as is usually the case with these things, a group of hackers decided to urinate all over everyone’s corn flakes, and took the servers down.

When the servers first started experiencing difficulty, many people thought that they were just struggling to cope with the large amounts of traffic that had inevitably begun to flood in. But ohhhhh no, and naturally, those anticipating the launch of the beta are pretty peeved especially given this is the first time the general public will get to experience the game before it launches.

Hacker group PoodleCorp quickly claimed responsibility via social media and while nothing has yet been confirmed from the likes of EA or DICE, it’s pretty sure-fire guess that they won’t be lying:

Battlefield 1

In typical modern-day fashion the servers were taken offline through targeted DDoS attacks overloading the servers, nothing EA won’t be able to fix and at the time of writing this article it does seem that Battlefield 1’s servers are working just fine. However chances are this kind of behavior is going to continue throughout the duration of the beta. Fans have already called to EA to extent the beta period to make up for lost time.

[Source: PC GamesN].

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