Street Fighter’s Akuma joins Tekken 7 roster

tekken 7 akumaBandai Namco recently announced a new version of Tekken 7, although over here in Europe and even America, we’re still waiting for the actual game to hit our stores. Tekken 7 has been available since earlier in the year in Japanese arcades, and now an updated version is on its way, called Fated Retribution, which features Street Fighter’s Akuma.

It’s not unusual to see Street Fighter and Tekken characters in the same game, as we had the Street Fighter X Tekken game from Capcom in 2012. Bandai Namco still have to live up to their end of the deal, by producing Tekken X Street Fighter, which has seen lengthy delays and almost disappearing from existence. However, with the reveal of Akuma in Tekken 7, could this be a taste of what to expect?

In the trailer below, you can see Akuma make use of his Gohadoken fireballs, and his raging demon attack. In one seen, we see Heihachi dodging sideways out of the way of an incoming projectile attack, which if we’re lucky, we will be seeing a lot of in Tekken X Street Fighter. Take a look at the trailer below, and look forward to Tekken 7 on consoles next year hopefully. I expect that the version released for home platforms will include the Fated Retribution content as well, but who knows?

[Source: Youtube]

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