Street Fighter V welcomes a brand new fighter, Rashid

rashid street fighter vCapcom have revealed a brand new fighter for Street Fighter V, in the form of Rashid, a turban wearing Middle Eastern fighter ‘of the Turbulent Wind’. Fart jokes are welcome. Let’s take a look at him, shall we?

Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono introduced the new fighter yesterday morning at the Games ’15 event in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Using a mixture of whirlwind attacks and projectiles, Rashid looks fast on his feet, and even faster in the air. Fans may start making comparisons to Adon, one of Street Fighter Alpha’s and Street Fighter IV’s additional characters.

An interesting spot about his appearance is the ‘scout’ eye piece or the ‘Google glasses-esque device on his face. We’re wondering if this represents anything, or is it to represent the fact he’s a soldier on duty and somewhat technically advanced? We should hopefully find out soon.

Street Fighter V will be arriving on PlayStation 4 and PC in the spring of 2016, including 16 characters, some of which are returning favourites and new characters like Rashid and Necalli.

[Source: Youtube]

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