Street Fighter V teaser trailer reveals Ibuki

ibuki street fighter vThis weekend, Capcom have revealed the third DLC character for Street Fighter V (even though the list is already available to see), and after the release of Alex and Guile, we all thought it would be Balrog. But no, Capcom decided to skip him this month, and instead reveal Ibuki!

First appearing in 1997’s Street Fighter III, Ibuki is a female ninja character who grew to be a bit of a fan favourite. Quick, agile and dangerous, she later made a second appearance in Super Street Fighter IV and in Street Fighter x Tekken.

The trailer below shows Ibuki looking less ninja-y and almost schoolgirl-ish in her get up, but that doesn’t detract from how fierce she is with her speed and shuriken attacks. Some folks have even pointed out a misplaced mouse cursor in the trailer at the 48 to 53 second mark, right in the centre of the screen. Nothing dramatic, but a fun ‘easter egg’.

19 characters will now be available to play, and with the annual EVO just around the corner, the pros will have a decent selection to choose from. I may tune into EVO like I do every year to watch some pro Street Fighter action, but as I state in nearly every Street Fighter article here, I’m still a bit salty over the lack of an Xbox One release for the title.

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