Street Fighter V game modes revealed in new trailer

street fighter v cammyA new trailer showcases what game modes fight fans can expect in the upcoming release of Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s a fighting game, and Street Fighter, so you can probably guess most of what’s to be seen, but let’s see if there are any surprises included.

For a start, there’s  a tutorial mode added specifically for players new to Street Fighter titles. If you somehow never played one in the past, this mode will teach you the basics of gameplay, and for veterans, it will probably put you asleep . Still, a good addition and you can always expect to find a completely new player joining in on the competitive fighting scene for the first time.

Second, we have a story mode, with each of the 16 base characters fighting through a list of opponents to complete their individual stories. Finish the game with each, and unlock new character costumes along the way.

Training mode is similar to Street Fighter IV’s setup, throwing you into a training room against a static opponent, unless you choose otherwise. Practice your combos, special moves and work out tactics in your own time, at your own pace. You can also assign shortcuts using the touchpad, to reset your starting positions or attack types of your opponent, instead of having to click into the menu every time your combo chain fails.

Network mode lets you fight opponents all over the world, either in ranked or casual. You can wait in the menu for an opponent to challenge you, or even do some training while you wait, and choose to accept or decline invitations.

Survival mode is exactly as it sounds. Fight your way through numerous opponents while also following restricted rulesets on how you fight each one. Maybe your blocking will be disabled, or your opponent can only be damaged by special moves. This is just going on presumptions, but what has been added is post match bonus points you can spend on buffing your character’s EX gauge and score boosters to climb those leaderboards and be the best fighter amongst your friends.

laura street fighter

Lastly, there’s the Capcom Fighters Network, which allows you to seek out other players, check out their statistics, watch replays of them in action, and learn their strengths and weaknesses. All pretty detailed stuff, and ideal for the hardcore Street Fighter fan who wants to get the edge in competitive competition.

More game modes will be added to Street Fighter V in time, for free. Hopefully some 5 v 5 team matches, or 8 player winner stays on lobbies seen in previous and other fighting titles.

Street Fighter V is available on PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16th.

[Source: Youtube]

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