Street Fighter V Character Introduction Series

street fighter v rosterAre you new to the Street Fighter series? Looking forward to playing Street Fighter V and don’t know which character would suit your preferred play style? Perhaps you’re a veteran Street Fighter player and are interested to know what changes have been made to your favourite fighter. Here’s an introduction to each of them.

Street Fighter V sees entirely new fighters enter the mix alongside returning fan-favourites, but like me, you’re probably not seeing your favourite character return yet (although they’re planned as DLC). So who do you pick out of the available bunch? CAPCOM have put together a series of introductory videos for each character, and while they’re not super in-depth, we at least get a look at some of the characters’ new moves and abilities!

Starting off with fan-favourite Ken who has been in Street Fighter since the beginning, Ken is as lethal as ever. Watch out for his flaming Dragon Punch attacks and high-speed, ferocious kicks.

Next we have the Red Cyclone, Zangief. Zangief is a Street Fighter 2 classic who has just gotten bigger and stronger throughout the series, and his new abilities make him rock solid in Street Fighter V. Able to withstand more damage than any other character in the game, once he gets you into his hands, you’re in trouble!

Nash, or Charlie is a returning Street Fighter Alpha character although he looks a bit more enhanced than what we’ve seen before. Similar to Guile, Charlie makes use of Sonic Boom projectiles and the Flash Kick.He also has a teleport ability to get out of hazardous situations, and can absorb enemy projectile attacks.

Karin is a returning favourite from Street Fighter Alpha 3, and is a complex fighter. She may not be as flashy as other characters in the game, but she’s still dangerous. She can also negate projectile attacks and is great at juggling opponents in the air, when they are most vulnerable.

New Street Fighter V character F.A.N.G is certainly one of the most unique looking additions. Oddly enough, he’s Bison’s second in command, despite his less than hostile looking appearance. He can poison his opponents causing slight health drains. He has evasive sidesteps and his attacks can reach great lengths.

Necalli is also new to the series, and may remind you of Blanka minus the green skin. He can slam the ground causing the opponent to stumble and fall, letting him rush in for quick burst fire attacks. He also has lovely hair.

Vega is one of the fastest characters in Street Fighter, and with his infamous claw and mask, is a standout character for many fans. Swift and nimble and always best used when moving around the screen, Vega is a favourite of mine and his new abilities make him look more lethal than ever.

Next on the list is Street Fighter hallmark character, Ryu. A favourite amongst veterans, Ryu excels at keeping his opponents at bay with the use of his Hadouken projectile, and is also a strong candidate when in close combat.

If not for her awesome moves and abilities, Rainbow Mika’s visual appeal will certainly take her to the top of the most popular characters in Street Fighter V.  R. Mika is a fan of Russian wrestler Zangief, and uses wrestling moves of her own. She can call in a tag team partner of her own to assist her in combat, and is a fun character to get to grips with.

British character Cammy makes another return to the series, sporting her infamous spandex outfit which leaves nothing to the imagination. Extremely agile, Cammy can move across the screen with speed and force. The Cannon Drill attack is one of her trademark moves that can sometimes let her duck under opponents’ projectiles to counter attack.

Shadowloo boss M. Bison returns to terrorize his opponents with his psycho power. Boasting a new walking animation that makes him look badass,  Using psycho power abilities to teleport across the screen, return enemy projectiles back at them, and the dreaded scissor kick. He still has his infamous Psycho Crusher attack, but that is only available as a Critical  Art.

Rashid is one of Street Fighter V’s newest entries to the roster. Make whatever joke you wish of his association with the group ‘Turbulent Wind’. He can roll under fireballs and create tornadoes that prevent the enemy from closing in on him.

Laura is another new face in the series, and wears a quite revealing outfit too. That should certainly increase her popularity at launch. If you played Street Fighter 3, you will be interested to know that Laura is the older sister of Seán. She can dash quickly across the screen and is very dangerous at close range. When fighting her, try keeping her at bay.

Here we see the return of Birdie, who debuted in the original Street Fighter. Birdie is a British punk, who wields a chain. He has since developed a beer belly following his appearance in Street Fighter Alpha. He can now throw a banana to trip opponents, and can consume donuts and chili peppers to modify his abilities.

Lastly, we have Dhalsim, who many remember for his stretching limbs and Yoga chants. A dangerous fire spewing opponent, Dhalsim is at a disadvantage when up close, but can teleport to safety when needs be. He has more control over his fire attacks now, and can even lay a carpet of fire that chips away at his opponent’s health bar.

Street Fighter V is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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