Steve’s Game of the Year 2016

goty2016 game of the year 2016Personally, I think this year hasn’t been a particularly great year for games. We’ve had a couple of great titles from Battlefield 1, Don’t Starve Together, Forza Horizon 3, Stardew Valley, The Last Guardian, and so on. However, my Game of the Year was released on December 3rd 2016, completely unexpected and as soon as I started playing it, I fell in love.

Game of the Year – Let it Die

Let it Die is a free to play hack and slash gore fest for the PlayStation 4 . It’s set in South Western Tokyo in 2026 after a large tectonic disturbance occurred which basically destroyed the world. Let it Die is also made by the guys who did Killer7 and No More Heroes so if you’ve played either of those, you’ll know this is going to be an interesting ride to say the very least.

When you start the game, you choose a fighter and you start in nothing more than your underwear and then you are tasked with going up increasingly difficult floors, killing everything that stands in your way while picking up various different armour, weapons and melee weapons. At the start, you’re also introduced to your trusty guide “Uncle Death” who also gives you a daily log in bonus which could really be anything in the game.

let it die game of the year

Your home base is called “The Waiting Room” and here you have a vendor who sells weapons and armour that he has created if you bring him blueprints. There is the freezer where your fighters are stored, and there is the crazy mushroom lady who sells you soups and decals that greatly benefit your fighter. You can level up and store items. There is also an online element called the “Tokyo Death Metro” which is basically your country or state vs everybody else.

Your Waiting Room can be attacked and the asshole that attacks can take a portion of your currencies but you can set fighters to defend while you’re away so make sure they’re a high level or they’ll be destroyed. If you log in and find your Waiting Room has been attacked, go into the online section and select “revenge” and go to their Waiting Room and annihilate all their fighters and take everything you can. It’s a dog eat dog world in Let it Die.

let it die gameplay

Each floor is very similar, run through it, kill everything, fight the occasional boss which tend to be hard as nails, reap the rewards, level up and become a killing machine. However, if you take on too much, you’re dog meat and that’s where the microtransactions come in. You can use something “death metal” which are essentially lifes that can be either earned by doing various tasks once a day, sometimes you get them as a log in reward or you can go buy them from the PSN store. If none of that takes your fancy, go buy a new fighter, level up and go back to the floor where you died to retrieve your fallen combatant.

I could gush for so long about how good Let it Die truly is. The soundtrack is incredible which has been composed by Akira Yamaoka who is known for Silent Hill, Shadow of the damned and various other games. The presentation is excellent, the abstract nature of the game is brilliant, the level of violence is brutal.  Sure, there are some annoying faults like the camera is often ridiculous, the combat takes some getting used to, the game can get repetitive but I really don’t care. Let it Die is the true sleeper hit this year and free to play or not, I love Let it Die and and I hope it get the recognition it deserves.

Runner up – Uncharted 4

I haven’t played Uncharted 1 or 3. I loved Uncharted 2 but I just never got around to playing the others. When Uncharted 4 was revealed, it was hard not to be stunned by the graphics as they were superb and probably the best seen on console.

Uncharted 4’s campaign was glorious and a true joy to play. The story about Nathan Drake and his brother, Samuel Drake, was truly engrossing. Naughty Dog are true wizards when it comes to story and Uncharted 4 is no exception. From the epic opening to the final scene, I was hooked and I found I just couldn’t stop playing.

uncharted 4 poster

The character animations and expressions were fantastic, almost too real at times and the scenery was just superb. I often found myself stopping and just looking around at the stunning surroundings and views Naughty Dog had created. It would be a damn shame to completely ignore it and blast through the game as you’re missing a lot of what Uncharted 4 has to offer.

The attention to detail was frightening as well, from the subtle facial animations to the way rocks slid down a cliff side, Naughty Dog just didn’t compromise the quality of Uncharted 4. The action sequences were tense as hell which ranged from an epic shootout on a deserted beach to racing a jeep through a town and pretty much destroying the place, it was all top notch stuff. I never played Uncharted 4’s multiplayer as I had no interest in it but it is apparently very good and it has just recently had a horde type mode added so I may go back to check that out.

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