Steam to add native DualShock 4 support

DuelShock4Steam will be getting native DualShock 4 support on PC, Valve has announced. It’s been a long time coming but finally those who prefer to use Sony’s control pad will soon be able to make full use of it. If you prefer to use an Xbox One or 360 pad then don’t fret as more controllers will be added in due course.

The DualShock 4 support was revealed by Valve’s Jeff Bellinghausen at the company’s Steam Dev Days conference.  Things get even better though as it appears that Valve is planning to make other controllers natively supported by Steam, and the DualShock 4 controller will simply be the first.


Bellinghausen said “Believe it or not, when you use the PS4 Controller through the Steam API, it’s exactly the same as a Steam Controller. You make the exact same API calls, you only get actions, not inputs, and the Steam API takes care of everything.”

DuelShock 4

“Not only is it a really nice, high quality controller, but it’s also got a gyro and a touchpad, so it’s got a lot of overlapping functionality with the Steam Controller,” he added.

This means that players will be able to simply pair their DualShock 4 directly to their PC and use all the Controllers functions and configurability options that you would get with the steam controller. this would include the use of the touch pad and gyro.


It’s unclear at this time what other control pads will also receive native support  but it sounds like they’re going to add a fair few in the coming months and it would be a safe bet that we’ll see  the Xbox One  pad receive support too (including Elite). Bellinghausen also spoke of how the steam controller has been received and it turns out that those who bought it tend to think it’s pretty good.

Steam Pad

Bellinghausen said, “We’re happy that the Steam Controller has been very well received by customers. and currently holds an 81% ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam, and a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. In addition there are several active forums that we monitor to help guide our improvements.”

Xbox One Elite Pad

Back in June Valve announced that they had sold 500,000 control pads and are now hoping to shift a million by early 2017. The controller has appeared in Steam sales  resulting in increased uptake so expect to see the controller continue to appear in future offers.


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