Stealthy Steam Sale Seeks to Steal your Silvers

thiefTry and say that 10 times fast, but yes, Steam are having a sneaky stealthy Steam sale on all things stealth-based. Featuring a wide variety of stealth based games ranging from retro classics, popular indies and some much loved AAA titles it’s time to come retreat into the shadows with some newly acquired games for your library. Be warned though, the sale only lasts until October 16th.

Big names include several games from the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises as well Dishonored, one of the best stealth games of recent years. Fans of the Thief series can also grab a bargain or two  with Thief Gold and Thief II for €1.74 each, Thief Deadly Shadows for €2.24, and the recent reboot for €7.49. Then there’s always Beyond Good & Evil for a mere €1.24.

On the indie front we have some great names like Monaco, Stealth Bas***d Deluxe, Stealth Inc 2 and Gunpoint.

Discounts range from 20% all the way up to 90% (Sir, You are being Hunted) but most titles have a discount of a happy 75% off.  What’s an unhappy 75% off… well I don’t really know.

Either way PC gamers can head on over to Steam to find the full list of offers.

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