Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer 2

star wars the force awakensWe waited all day for this new Star Wars trailer yesterday, with it due at some point on Monday, but finally it’s in our hands. The trailer was released during the early hours here in Europe, and boy does it look amazing.

I was opposed watching it, as I feel trailers just give away too much information and I would rather just wait to watch it in full, but I gave in. I watched it, and I won’t watch it again. The action looks intense, exciting, and I can’t wait for December. Without saying much more, here’s the trailer for your viewing and enjoyment!

Tickets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in cinemas are now on sale, and as you can gather, they will be hard to come by for the first few days. It’s pointless to say, but this is going to be big! If you missed it over the weekend, the official poster reveal was made, which you can also see below. Set that as your desktop background before you click off the page, guys!

star wars episode 7 poster[Source:]

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