Star Wars and Nissan Crossover – May the Rogue be with you

Nissan Rogue Deathtrooper Helmet star warsHello everyone. Have you ever wondered if a company would see the opportunity that occurs when one of their products share a name with something in popular culture? Well it just so happens that Nissan saw a great opportunity to combine their Rogue SUV with the upcoming Rogue One film arriving in theatres this holiday season.

At a splashy conference at the LA auto show, along with a massive Tie Fighter, Nissan unveiled a limited edition run of its Rogue SUV model that has some subtle touches of Star Wars icons. All of the models of this limited edition run will have Star Wars insignias on the doors and sewn into the floor mats. As well, these will come in two options, with the colour choices being limited to black and white.

Though for anyone thinking that these will have a multitude of other features making it a more specialized version, you would be incorrect. According to Jeremy Meadows, the senior marketing manager for Nissan said that besides the cosmetic differences, these Rogues will have nothing else different from other same year models. Though something that would almost make the sale for me is the special edition Imperial Death Trooper helmet replica, that can only be obtained by purchasing one of these vehicles.


As well, Nissan is ensuring that these will be a very limited run, as their will only be 5,400 made all across North America. With 5,000 going to the United States and 400 going to Canada, this will be a run of vehicles that will sell out quickly. Meadows even goes on to say that he doesn’t expect there to be any left after 6-8 months. As for the price range of this beauty, it’s expected to be around $28,995 USD, so it’s highly doubtful that dedicated Star Wars fans won’t see this as too expensive.

Rogue One Nissan Door Badge star wars

All in all, this seems to be a clever marketing opportunity that Nissan has jumped on, and I personally doubt that it won’t succeed commercially, as the Rogue’s considered a decent mid-range vehicle, and Star Wars is hitting a high note popularity wise. With any luck, this model will sell quickly and we’ll get more opportunities for pop culture inspired vehicles, as I myself wouldn’t shy away from a Star Wars or Marvel themed vehicle.

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