Star Wars games made far, far too much money in 2015

star warsImagine this. In the year that EA and DICE made and marketed the crap out of a new Star Wars Battlefront, and a new Star Wars movie released, the Star Wars games of 2015 made a fortune. No pun intended, but Fortune gave some insight into how much was probably made with each of the releases.

In the post by Fortune published on December 30th, it stated that “According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, Electronic Arts sold approximately 6 million Star Wars Battlefront games in November and an additional 6 million in December. With an average retail price of $55 for November and December combined, Pachter believes the first game in a long-term licensing deal with Lucasfilm has generated approximately $660 million in revenue.”

star wars battlefront canonThat’s rather impressive, and to think that season passes on top of that, which is somewhat required to complete the game and fill out its incoming content, you could almost add another quarter or half to that figure. The season pass is pricey, and hardcore Star Wars fans would surely have lapped that up immediately, or at least will do.

It doesn’t end with Battlefront though. “According to Pachter’s estimates, Disney has sold over $200 million of Disney Infinity Star Wars games and toys this fall.”  All those games and all those figures being sold. Madness.

Lastly, we have the mobile games, and the Fortune article says that “According to Randy Nelson, content manager of Sensor Tower’s store intelligence platform, mobile games EA’s Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes ($186,000), Konami’s Star Wars: Force Collection ($56,000) and Disney’s Star Wars: Commander–Worlds in Conflict($43,000) generated over $285,000 in just the first day after the launch of the new film.” One day.

Next up is the EA and Visceral Games Star Wars title which we know nothing about, other than Amy Hennig’s involvement on the writing front. Where will it take us? When is it set? When will we learn more?

[Source: Fortune]

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