Star Wars fan recreates pod racing in Halo 5 Forge map

pod racing halo 5Forge is easily one of the Halo games’ best features, with fans building replica maps from their favourite titles, or classic Halo maps no longer in the modern games. Other people take on daring tasks such as this one, building the Boonta Eve pod racing circuit on Tattooine in Star Wars Episode I.

The build is lavishing with detail, from the two suns in the sky, to the vehicle designs themselves. Each vehicle is also outfitted with a single explosive to attack your enemies. Unfortunately, there is no ‘race’ gametype on Halo 5 Guardians, so you can’t ‘win’ the race, unless you agree with those in the lobby to complete a number of laps together. If your pod is destroyed, you spawn at a vantage point, able to shoot at the remaining pod racers using Battle Rifle pickups.

The Forge map was created by CaptainDireWolf, and if you want to try out the pod racing for yourself, add him as a friend and search through his Halo profile in-game and search for The Boonta Eve, which is the name of the tournament in the film.

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[Source: Youtube]

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