Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Review

Disney gave director, Rian Johnson, an entire Star Wars trilogy for him to develop out of confidence for The Last Jedi, they made the right choice. he Last Jedi is a film that move at breakneck pace to cover lots of ground, which 90% of it gripping. The stakes in this movie are high and characters don’t feel safe which is fantastic. It breaks such a traditional mold of what Star Wars is normally comprised of. It doesn’t forget its fans yet makes strides for the future and in bold directions. There are a few of astounding moment and plenty of surprises. This easily makes for the best Star Wars from Disney and also a film that reigns at the top of the totem pole along with The Empire Strikes Back. 

One plot line does drag and is fairly predictable, most of this comprises the 10% of what didn’t grip me in the movie. There was also some unnecessary dialogue that could have been altered or cut and worked out a little better.  Williams’ score experiments with new themes but ultimately thrives off of what has come before,. While it’s still a delightful sound, this still leaves a yearning for a breakout new theme or more music to expand the wonderful repertoire that Williams has created. While the shortcomings are noticeable, The Last Jedi still has so much to offer.

From story to theme to visuals and performances, The Last Jedi has each area covered. I would argue that this is easy the most beautiful Star Wars movie ever made; gorgeous shots throughout with abundant and expert use of color. There is one particular scene that still resonates in my mind because of the impact it has on the story and by how spellbinding the visual of it is. I haven’t seen an “Oh S***” moment the way that The Last Jedi delivers them.  Mark Hamill does a great job as Luke Skywalker, the cast all had good moments but he shines brightest. The Last Jedi is such a triumph because of the daring choices and structure of it.

You’ve never quite seen a Star Wars movie like this. Not only the longest but one of the best. We are given characters to care about, that might meet their fates or they might not. I find it splendid that I actually have to worry about these characters as it’s a testament to how they’re characterized. The Force Awakens suffered from plot armor and being a very safe movie with many comparisons to the original Star Wars. It’s safe to say that some things are borrowed for The Last Jedi but it never feels overwhelming or like a story that I’ve seen before. The Last Jedi feels like a culmination of the thematic essence of Star Wars portrayed through characters and it never really feels like rehash aside maybe one minor moment.

The added benefit to The Last Jedi is how layered the movie is. You can’t quite take anything for face value in this film which leads to duality, falsehoods, and mystery. Now some of these are never solved, but they don’t need to be. Johnson has nuanced the film to where there are answers and that the viewer will make their own. This is so delightfully enriching to see in any movie, let alone a Star Wars film.

When it comes down to the matter, The Last Jedi is a superb film. There are noticeable flaws, but it hits the highest highs of the saga and that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a stupendous film and one that will be long remembered for many scenes. Currently, The Last Jedi is giving Empire a run for its money. It’s a phenomenal Star Wars story that twists and turns the DNA of Star Wars with a satisfying and fantastic result. I cannot wait for Johnson’s upcoming trilogy.

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