Star Wars Breaking Battlefront – Part 2

star wars breaking battlefrontFollowing on from a story earlier in the week of how Breaking Benjamin singer, Benjamin Burnley snapped the Star Wars Battlefront disc he received from EA, here’s a video interview talking more about his dislike for the game.

“For me to say that a Star Wars game sucks sh*t, it must really be a sh*tty game, and that it is,” he says in an interview from his dressing room with 94.3 WCYY. Being a Star Wars fan, he’s entitled to his opinion, one which many share, but considering the disrespect he showed on Instagram by snapping the disc, maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do and show to your thousands of fans.

While he doesn’t just leave it at one sentence and make a big deal out of it, he explains his reasons for his dislike of the game, including the weapons, the unlock system, the spawn points and how the enemy can spawn in front or behind you. Then again, that happens in many other titles, but his point is based mainly around Star Wars Battlefront.

He also feels that most online games suck, because the internet isn’t sufficient enough for what the developers and the games are trying to do. That’s not exactly a bad point to make in this interview, as we have all at one point in our life, at least, experience opposition with terrible lag, horrible connections, and general connectivity issues when trying to play with friends.

Criticism towards Star Wars Battlefront has gone in both directions, but is it just Star Wars fans who love it, or does it upset Star Wars fans, or are people like me just being a negative Naboo for the sake of it? I have my reasons for feeling like it’s not as great as it should have been. So does Benjamin Burnley.

[Source: Youtube]

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