Star Wars: Battlefront’s first round of free DLC is coming

Star Wars: BattlefrontIt’s no secret that Star Wars: Battlefront has been flamed for its content… Or rather, its lack of it. Electronic Arts, once famous for winning the prestigious  “America’s Worst Company” Golden Turd award have recognized the problem, and being the all new, caring sharing company they are, vowed to rectify the complaints with a spattering of free DLC to accompany the previously planned DLC that season pass holders were promised.

Well the first of this free-of-charge DLC has officially been announced and EA’s Brazil division have released a trailer detailing what can be expected. Sadly however, it’s yet to be released translated into English so it’s not really worth us posting it. However what we can tell you is that it contains no new footage and is merely a tool for delivering information, which just so happens to be something we’re very good at. Star Wars: Battlefront

So, whats in store for ALL Star Wars: Battlefront in the near future, well not a lot as it happens. Keeping in the spirit of lacking content, the free DLC pack consists of a single new map and some costumes for Luke Skywalker and Leia. However, it also brings Private matches to the acclaimed shooter which is something that has been requested by the community since the game was launched. Daily challenges and community events were also mentioned in the video.

Having yet to purchase Star Wars: Battlefront I have to say I’ve been relatively underwhelmed by what I’ve seen so far. It’s just seems that if you remove the Star Wars aspect from the game what you’re left with is an otherwise bland and un-exciting shooting game that just wouldn’t have cut the mustard in the modern world of video gaming. I can’t help feel that a re-skinned version of the Battlefield series would have been the way forward. That’s just one mans opinion however and despite my criticisms I have to respect the game for what it is I will however be waiting until the inevitable “Game of the Year” Edition is released complete with all DLC.

[Source: VG24/7]

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