Star Wars Battlefront install sizes confirmed

Star Wars BattlefrontAt this busy time of year, you may be guilty of having very little space left on your console hard drives for new game installs. Before you buy your next game, maybe it’s time to invest in a 2 or 3 TB external hard drive and start clearing up the machine’s internal storage. Now we know what Star Wars Battlefront will require, so make sure you’ve got enough room for that.

It’s only a mere week away at this point, and if you’re finished playing Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, or Star Craft 2’s latest expansion, Star Wars Battlefront will be ready to win you over on November 17th. According to a tweet from EA Star Wars, the PlayStation 4 version will require 23GB. The Xbox One version will require an oddly shorter 19GB, and on EA’s Origin service, you will be requiring 27GB of space.

If you’re on Xbox One and have a subscription to EA Access, you should be able to start playing it as of tomorrow, November 12th. The Star Wars Companion App is also available to download on iOS and Android, which you can grab here from the EA website or via the App Store or Google Play directly.

[Source: Twitter]

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