Star Wars Battlefront final DLC is Rogue One content

star wars rogue one scarifWith the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hitting theatres in December, it’s ripe timing for EA to release the final DLC expansion for Star Wars Battlefront. The content has been detailed, and will add a bunch of content, as well as the exclusive PlayStation VR mission.

Rogue One: Scarif will add four new maps to fight over, set on the world we have seen in the trailers for the movie thus far. Jyn Erso, who is played by Felicity Jones in the movie as the main heroine will be available as a playable hero, as well as the baddie, Orson Krennic, played by Ben Mendelsohn for the Empire.

The PlayStation VR mission, colourfully titled as ‘X-Wing VR Mission’ will be free for all PlayStation 4 owners to download, whether or not you have the season pass. Both the VR mission and the final DLC pack, Rogue One: Scarif will be available to play on December 6th, while the Rogue One movie hits cinemas on December 16th.

To sweeten the news this Friday for you as well, those of you who already own the game on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but don’t own the season pass, can play the Outer Rim, Bespin and Death Star expansions absolutely free until November 20th. So get to it!

Star Wars fans couldn’t have it any better this holiday season.

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