Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Gameplay

star wars battlefront fighter squadron modeAnother appearance of Star Wars Battlefront today, as promised by EA. DICE are hard at work replicating the magic of the Star Wars universe, and in the latest gameplay trailer, we can see the new mode, Fighter Squadron in action.

Take to the skies over the planets of Star Wars and fight as the Empire or Rebels in intense aerial combat. You can choose from TIE Fighters, Interceptors, X-Wings, A-Wings and more, and while battling against human controlled players as part of a team, you will also be joined by 20 AI controlled fighters, to add more numbers to both sides, to build up the action. This will also be ideal for newer players on Star Wars Battlefront, who find it hard to shoot down player controlled ships, making them feel like they’re contributing to the battle.

During the mission that was shown, the Empire had to protect an Imperial transport as it took off from the planet Sullust. The Rebel scum has to do their best to shoot it down before it reaches its extraction point. Towards the end of the trailer, the Millennium Falcon shows up, being controlled by another player, voiced by Han Solo of course, to finish the job. Awesome stuff!

The gameplay trailer was followed up by a montage of action from Star Wars Battlefront, including a new scene of Darth Vader Force choking a Rebel player, before turning his attention to the player we were following.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available on November 17 (US), 19th (AU), 20th (EU) 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Youtube]

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