Star Wars Battlefront Bespin patch notes

star wars battlefront bespinStar Wars Battlefront’s Bespin DLC is now live across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, adding new content for season pass holders, and available as a standalone if you just want that by itself. Other than the add-on, DICE are also offering some free content to non-season pass holders.

The Bespin DLC adds five new maps set in and around Cloud City, known from its appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Strangely enough, the big game modes also feature AT-ATs walking through the streets of it which is kind of nonsensical, but then you would have players complaining about Walker Assault being missing.

As for the free content for all players, here’s the list below.


  • Ranks: Increased rank cap from 60 to 70.
  • Appearance: A new unlock for the Rebels, the Bespin wing guard.
  • Appearance: A new unlock for the Empire, the Shock Trooper
  • Palpatine: The honor guard have been updated and replaced with Royal Guards.
  • Leia: The honor guard have been updated and replaced with Alderaan Guards.

Star Wars Battlefront also received a patch update which addressed a few issues with the game, and also made co-op more important. You can read the full patch notes here as well as a list of all Bespin content, but here’s the more important bits.


  • Partner: Staying close to your partner will provide you with reduced cooldowns for all your Star Cards. This is illustrated via an icon above the in-game soldier. An exclamation mark means that you are too far away, a check mark means you are within distance, and a cross means your partner is dead.
  • Partner: Enemies that kill your partner will have a red outline for a brief period.
  • Partner: The game will now always try to auto assign you a new partner whenever you do not have one in-game. There are also in-game notifications to inform you that you’ve lost a partner and if a new partner has been found.
  • Partner: If you are not able to spawn on your partner there are now written explanations as to why. They are: Partner is in danger, Partner is out of bounds, Partner is inside a vehicle, or Partner is dead.
  • Partner: The distance to enemies that prevent spawning on partner has been reduced from 20m to 2m.
  • Private Matches: Bespin and Outer Rim maps and game mode have been added to private matches. Limited to owners of Bespin and Outer Rim DLC and Star Wars Battlefront Season pass.
  • Private Matches: Players are now able to select multiple maps and create a custom map rotation.
  • Private Matches: Team switching functionality has been added and is an option that can be toggled by the host.
  • Private matches: Team balance functionality has been added and is an option that can be toggled by the host.
  • Immortality: The immortality issue that could occur when spawning in to vehicles has been resolved. The time to spawn in to a vehicle has been reduced and players are no longer protected by immortality during this time period.
  • Social Hub: Resolved the issue related to players getting disconnected when navigating to a friend’s profile in the social Hub.
  • Rebel Vehicles: Added a modifier to X-Wing, A-Wing, and Millennium Falcon weapon energy when the shield is active. While active, weapons deal 25% less damage than what they do when the shields are not active.
  • Team Scramble: Added functionality for scrambling teams at map change.
  • Team Balance: Fixed various bugs that resulted in that team balance not functioning correctly on small game modes.
  • General: Various minor UI issues.
  • General: Resolved various spectator issues.
  • General: Updated various error messages used in game.
  • General: Updated the localization to resolve various text bugs.


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