Star Trek Beyond Movie Review

star trek beyondIn 2009, J.J. Abrams reinvigorated Star Trek with a second wind after some lackluster movies before it. In 2013, Into Darkness backhanded fans with a Wrath of Khan light remake. In 2016, Star Trek Beyond respects the history it was founded and makes for what feels like an extended episode of the original series show.

Star Trek Beyond makes for a fun adventure that should satisfy not only fans of Abrams’ new take on Star Trek, but fans of Star Trek that are looking for a movie that honors the original cast. Star Trek Beyond succeeds by putting the characters we love into an abridged situation. We get unique pairing like Kirk and Chekov and having their dynamic play out.

The narrative doesn’t feel like a landmark moment in the Abrams-universe of Star Trek. It feels somewhat like a B-episode of the original series. With that in mind, the script is top notch, embracing character development that Star Trek is revered for.

star trek beyond

Leonard “Bones” McCoy is finally utilized well and has always made for a mesmerizing compliment to Deforest Kelly. Chris Pine as Kirk also fills the role well as he has the past two movies. This cast has been used well and it’s only fair because they fill the large boots left for them very fittingly. It also succeeds by honoring the history behind the show. Leonard Nimoy’s passing bears weight to this universe because he was a massive part of it. His legacy and passing is handled in the most appropriate and very touching way.

Star Trek Beyond also has many sharp nods to other Star Trek history. Nods to Enterprise and the original series are subtly made. Many Trek fans hate Enterprise, like it or not those two series are the only canon in this universe. These nostalgic detours are not overbearing or everlasting. What makes the movie such a job is the smart writing and solid direction.

star trek beyond

Simon Pegg (Scotty) was responsible for the majority of the script and he does an excellent job balancing the cast. Jumping between its many set-pieces, Justin Lin gives us an exciting adventure through a unique lens. Known mostly for his work on the Fast and Furious franchise, his eye for action compliments Pegg’s smart and quick script.

These two elements together make for a jaunt that continues to get better with each act. It’s also a visually stunning movie, with no two elements being too similar. It continues to add a breath of fresh air with the new additions of Krall and Jaylah.

Jaylah is a strong female protagonist that aides Scotty through most of the endeavor. Krall plays the villain that despises Starfleet and the Federation. Krall is one of the biggest issues with the film as his motivations are somewhat sparse, but as the movie continues his vision and logic come more into play. Star Trek is about about character. Star Trek Beyond honors the legacy of its history and entertains a new generation that’s ready to boldly go. I highly recommend it as excellent summer fun.

Review written by Paul Minnich who covers our movie reviews

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