Star Citizen Squadron 42’s Cast Announced and it’s Amazing!

starcitizenoldmanStar Citizen, as you might imagine, has a lot of stars. But they aren’t just the ones you see in the sky either as they made one amazing announcement at CitizenCon.

Cloud Imperium Games have announced an amazing list of actors lending their voices and faces to the single player component of Star Citizen, including Gary bloody Oldman and Mark friggin’ Hammill! Nerdgasms ahoy!

It doesn’t end there, as other actors include John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham, Gemma Whelan, Craig Fairbrass, Ian Duncan and Gillian Anderson! I can’t handle this shear amount of awesome!

If you are wondering what the amazing Gary Oldman would be like in the game, look no further as they showed an awesome 3 minute clip with him giving a speech, which you can check out below.

Mark Hammill (Luke fucking Skywalker!) will also be in the game, but we haven’t seen what he’ll be like yet. Still, we all know how amazing he is, as you can see from what is clearly his greatest role ever below!

Squadron 42 is the single player campaign for Star Citizen where you play as a rookie pilot on a huge capitol ship.  Some of this include walking around that ship interacting with the world, flying around in a spaceship blowing up things, and FPS action.

Squadron 42 is expected to drop sometime next year. Here is some gameplay pre-recorded of the demo shown live during the CitizenCon 2015 Presentation.

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