Star Citizen shows off its 3.0 Update

Star CitizenStar Citizen made an appearance at Gamescom and showed off one or two features that the developers have been working on. Update 3.0 will add procedurally generated planets and seamless space to ground transitions. Can Star Citizen succeed where No Man’s Sky has left many disappointed?

Roberts Space Industries showed off version 3.0 of Star Citizen at Gamescom which is due to release later this year. The update allows players currently playing versions 2.4 or 2.5  to finally leave the space station that they start in, behind. At the minute they can cruise around together in some rather beautiful looking spaceships, in fact its just downright dirty how gorgeous they are, but it’s mostly about combat, with a limited sandbox component as well. Update 3.0 adds procedurally generated planets and seamless space to ground transitions and as you would expect its just as obscenely gorgeous as the ships.

Star CitizenWithin the system, there are four big planets, a smaller planet, space stations and moons, where you will be able to trade, haul cargo or don the skull and cross bones and partake in a spot of space piracy. .

In the demo, on the way to the planet ‘Delamar’,  we pass by some space stations that look predictably beautiful in the detail that they show off. Chris Roberts compares Levski to Mos Eisley: “it’s where people go when they want to get away from the game’s UEE government”. We continue to speed towards the planet which is fully rendered. There’s no kind of draw distance here. As we head into the upper atmosphere we start to see entry effects . As the atmosphere thickens the flight model changes depending on the ship you are piloting, some will handle better than others depending on the aerodynamics of your ship. You can choose to land anywhere and you can even leave your ship and wander around on the surface if you wish. check out the demo below.

The big draw with Star Citizen is how you can enjoy this experience with your friends or chose to play a more dedicated single player experience.  Of course all this comes at a cost and the cost of some of the ships in the game is eye watering but watching the demo in action I cant help but be in awe and feel envious of those able to afford the full experience.  At the time of writing the game has raised a staggering $119,759,857 through various kick starters and whilst money most certainly will be an object to many there are various entry points that interested gamers could explore. If you want to see the full Gamescom presentation the video is included below.


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