Some glaring omissions from the new Final Fantasy XIV Orchestrion

OrchestrionFor those of you not familiar with the game, the Orchestrion is the new jukebox item that got added in the latest patch to the game. It allows players to play music from various different instances and locations in the game in their housing or the inn room. The total number of Orchestrion rolls you can currently get your hands on is close to 50, but I feel there’s a few tracks that didn’t make the cut that should have.

This is my own personal list of tunes that I’d love to see added to the Orchestrion, so feel free to add your own favourites that have been left out! Without further delay, and in no particular order here are my tracks of choice.

Note that some of these videos have footage of fights/dungeons so if you don’t want these spoiled look away if you only want to hear the music.

Terra’s theme – Magitek mount music

Yes, technically this is Final Fantasy 6 music, but if it’s in the game why not our Orchestrions??

Battle on the Big Bridge

Again, not exclusive to Final Fantasy XIV as this first featured in Final Fantasy V, but I love it.

Ravana’s Theme

This is a fantastic bit of music from the Thok ask Thok trial and I can’t help but think they’ll add it in the future. It seems like an oversight to me. It starts like a waltz and progresses in to something more powerful and operatic. I need this in my FC bar.

The Black Shroud Field Theme ( Serenity )

Beautiful piece of music and very relaxing. Just what you need after having to fight Ravana because you can’t listen to his music on your Orchestrion *stares at Square Enix”

The Lost City of Amdapor Hard Mode Theme

We got a Lost City of Amdapor Orchestrion roll, but it’s not this one. We got the normal mode, I want this version so much. I was sorely disappointed when I found out that this wasn’t the version on the roll.

Good King Moggle Mog’s Theme

It’s about moogles. That’s all I need to say really.

Alexander Theme (Locus)

Can be heard in the Alexander raids. So catchy.

Alexander Brute Justice Theme

From the final boss of the new Alexander Midas raid. So cheesy, so cheerful. Although if you tried to beat this in duty finder with random people the first week it was out, you may not have been so cheerful the 10th time you heard this.

Little Ladies Day Theme

Can also be heard in some of the Sylph cutscenes.

Sylph Theme ( A Curious Breed of Botherment )

Speaking of Sylphs, the little cute buggers, this is another piece of music that can be heard in the Sylphlands.

Churning Mists Day Theme ( Landlords )

Of all the locations in Heavensward the Churning Mists has my favourite music. I have been known to just fly around in Umbral Static weather enjoying the music and scenery.  The Dravanian Forelands and the Sea of Clouds both have Orchestrion rolls. Why no love for Churning Mists SE?


Great Gubal Library Theme


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