Square Enix issue refunds for Final Fantasy XIV’s Mac version

Final Fantasy XIVWith all the controversy over Batman: Arkham Knight’s poor performance on PC it seems another game was having similar issues on Mac. Square Enix finally launched Final Fantasy XIV on Mac on June 23rd but it soon became clear that this version of the game simply wasn’t up to standard. They have now pulled the game from the market until they can get the game up to scratch and are offering refunds to disappointed gamers.

The game’s producer and director, Naoki Yoshida, has proven himself very popular with fans due to his straightforward and honest approach since A Realm Reborn first launched and he has stepped up to the plate over this issue and made the following statement;
While the development and operations teams, as well as our entire company, were involved in this mistake, it was I who ultimately made the decision to release the Mac version under these circumstances and therefore bear sole responsibility, and I sincerely apologize to you all … The mistakes made by the development and operation teams in the lead up to this release have caused considerable confusion and trouble. To our customers who eagerly anticipate purchasing, or who have already ordered, their copy of the Mac version of FINAL FANTASY XIV, and to all of our distributors, we offer our deepest and most heartfelt apologies.

The Mac version of the game is presently suffering from severe performance issues but the biggest problem for Yoshida and the Final Fantasy team was actually due to a communication error that saw them release the incorrect system requirements resulting in some gamers purchasing the game only to discover they couldn’t run it even on the minimum settings. While working on the final preparations for the launch the team were still carrying out last minute improvements which saw the minimum system requirements change and according to Yoshida this, in conjunction with the general chaos surrounding the multi-platform release of the first expansion, ‘Heavensward’, the incorrect requirements were listed.

The game also features performance issues on machines that do meet the requirements and Yoshida has discussed them in depth in final fantasy xivhis apology to gamers. If you’ve ever wanted to know why developing games for Mac is so different Windows then you’ll find what he has to say on the Square Enix forums both interesting and easy to understand. Ultimately he attributes to the problems to the difference between DirectX and OpenGL and admits that it will not be possible to achieve parity between the Windows and Mac versions of the game. This of course raises the question of why Square Enix would make a dedicated Mac version of the game when gamers could use utilities like Boot Camp to run the Windows version. Yoshida addresses this stating “While it’s true that there are performance issues with the Mac version of FFXIV when compared to its Windows counterpart, there were calls for a Mac version. Some people want to do things properly and run a Mac game on a Mac PC, while others have a high-end Mac and aren’t bothered by the difference in performance. It was to cater to such users that we made the decision to make and sell a Mac version.”

Of course this isn’t the first disaster to hit Final Fantasy XIV. When the game originally released on PC in 2010 it was universally panned. The reception was so cold that rather than try to fix the game Square Enix went a step further and rebuilt the game from scratch, this time with Yoshida taking control of the project. When it returned in 2013 as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn it was a vastly improved experience that has since become one of the most popular and successful MMOs on the market. Evidently Square Enix are proud of the Final Fantasy MMOs and aren’t afraid to hold their hands up to mistakes and work hard to fix them. If they approach this latest disaster with the same attitude then Mac users will likely see a vastly improved product when it does return to the shelves.

In the meantime any disappointed Mac owners can claim a full refund and should get in contact with the retailer you purchased it from. If you have game cards to purchase subscription time then you can also have this refunded once you confirm you have a Mac license for the game.

Source: Square Enix

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