Square Enix Europe Twitter account hacked

square enixCall it a hack, or call it ‘successfully acquiring access via a guess at the password’, but the Square Enix Europe Twitter account has been accessed by a group calling themselves the ‘cyberwolfgang’. In the space of a few hours, the group has tweeted some childish comments, but also successfully damaged the number of followers and those being followed on the account.

VG247 managed to list some of the comments into easy reading, which include such adult-like comments as:

  • Fifa is such a shit game LOL RT
  • if U don’t watch ANIME then what are U doing with Ur LIFE??
  • fuck off
  • FUCK OFF @electronicarts losers lol

square enix hack

It is also said that prior to the ‘hack’, Square Enix Europe had over 150,000 followers, and followed roughly 150 Twitter accounts. Now the number of followers has dropped, thanks to a mass blocking session, which automatically makes the blocked party unfollow the account.

It doesn’t look like Square Enix have taken control of the situation as of yet but hopefully today the issue will be resolved. It’s a horrible sight to see, especially when you start seeing comments on your feed from a publisher saying ‘Twat’ and nothing else. That’s when you start noticing something isn’t right over there.

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