Square Enix cancels Deus Ex: Mankind Divided “Augment your pre-order” program

Deus-ex-mankind-divided-Tier-SystemDuring the last few weeks, you may have heard that Square Enix, the publisher behind the upcoming stealth game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has decided to take pre-order bonuses to the next level, by creating a Kickstarter-esque system where you gain more pre-order perks as the pre-order numbers go up.

Saying gamers were pissed would be a understatement, the backlash was so big that the company actually announced it would be cancelling the program, just think about how bad the reactions were for that to happen.

There’s no doubt pre-order culture has been a very controversial subject in the last few years, with games featuring pre-order exclusive content, and even pre-order exclusive content that’s only available at certain retailers, it has gained a stigma similar to that of DLC.

Some games however, decide to announce pre-orders the same day they’re announced, an example of this is Batman: Arkham Knight, and just look how the PC version ended up. The biggest risk of pre-orders is that you’re paying for an unfinished game, that may or may not end up being a buggy mess (*cough*Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5*cough*).

Now, Deus Ex is not the only game doing this thing, turns out that the Steam version for Tales of Zestiria is also doing something very similar, of course it won’t get noticed because the Tales of games are more of a niche series.

However, the result of SE attempt at said pre-order campaign demonstrate that there’s indeed a line as far as pre-order culture goes, and Square Enix crossed it quite a bit.

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