Square Enix and Microsoft still in Negotiations regarding Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIVThe possible Xbox One port of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is one of those stories that just never goes away. Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation, and Elder Scrolls Online have done much in the last two years to prove that console MMOs are deserving of respect. It’s a shame then that Xbox One owners still haven’t had the opportunity to try out the critically acclaimed game on their platform of choice but the long negotiations are continuing. Whether or not it will ever bear fruit remains unclear.

While the first Final Fantasy MMO, Final Fantasy XI, was available on Xbox 360, Final Fantasy XIV has yet to come to Xbox One due to issues regarding cross-platform play. In A Realm Reborn all players select a server when they create their character. Each server offers cross-platform play creating an open community of PC, PS3, and PS4 players (as well as a handful on Mac). This is something that the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, feels passionately about but certain Xbox policies restrict cross-platform play. Yoshida has indicated on a number of occasions that he is ready to begin work on Xbox One port but refuses to do so if it will mean splitting the community according to platform.

As one can imagine the recent developments with Windows 10 and cross-platform meant that the future of this policy is uncertain final fantasy Chocobo raceand Square Enix are certainly keeping an eye on the situation. While all of this sounds like good news it’s not quite time to start the celebrations. Dualshockers have recently been in contact with Yoshida who points out that, at present, Microsoft’s policy only targets Windows 10 and that cross-play with PlayStation consoles hasn’t been addressed. Cross-play between Xbox One and PlayStation would certainly be more of a sore subject for Microsoft but hopefully ongoing negotiations will see an appreciation for gaming win through.

In an interesting side note Dualshockers also asked Yoshida about the potential for a Nintendo NX release. Yoshida is certainly open to the idea but indicated that he would have to see the mystery console’s specifications and consider any possible cross-play restrictions before committing to the project.

Source: Dualshockers

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