Spotlight – The Golden Age of Gaming

gta v bicycleThis week’s Spotlight comes from Ramon, who generally sends us some great pieces, and probably features the most regularly, but when you give his writing two minutes of your time, you’ll see why we love his posts. This one hits the heart strings, and relates to driving around in ‪#‎GTA‬ 5, and how‪#‎RockstarGames‬ truly create amazingly detailed game worlds.

“So yesterday on GTA V with my friends, I had an experience that reminded me once against that we are in a golden age of gaming. Yesterday while waiting to set up for another heist (so much fun) I jumped in my modded Mini Cooper and went cruising the freeway and then down the Santa Monica coast.(still can’t remember the game names, lol) I had the radio playing a song I really like, and just cruised the coastline all the way around till I came back into the city. It gave me such a feeling of nostalgia for home, and brought back such awesome memories of going for a drive down that real coast while listening to the radio, that it just put a smile on my face.

I’m sure my friends were rolling their eyes as I kept saying how happy the game was making me just then. Suffice it to say that never in my wildest dreams did I think I would enjoy cruising my home city in a video game!

We get to explore old ruins for treasures, fly into outer space and visit different planets and solar systems. We use gadgets, race cars, drive up and down mountains, wield magic, visit ancient historical locations set in historic times, and even have conversations with historic people!

All of this is why I love games, and personally believe we are in a golden age of gaming where the imagination is the only limit to what we experience. Why I love books and games more than tv? We are directly interacting and experiencing the story! And THAT, is just plain ridiculously awesome!”

As usual guys, if you have something you want to get off your chest about gaming or the industry, feel free to send us a private mail, or post your story on our wall. If we feel it will make for a good talking point, we will share it with the community next week!

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