Spotlight – Parents gaming with their children

minecraft with childrenLast week, we discussed a situation where a school in the UK was going to inform police of parents who allow their children to play violent, adult themed games. This week, we’re sharing a story which one of our fans, Rob Pearce, shared with us on Monday about raising kids as a gamer himself.

Another interesting piece by the Beeb (BBC). I can certainly relate to losing a kid to Minecraft. It’s all he ever thinks about. I can’t complain though since the other two, myself and my wife all love the game too. It’s given me and my family a place to build our own world, restricted only by our imagination. It allows us to be creative and work together, to pool our resources and overcome problems. I swear if you can learn to use red stone in a meaningful way then you have much to contribute to society in the real world.

The host has so much control it’s very easy to let your kids enjoy themselves without much worry for safety (obviously online safety is never guaranteed). My eldest in particular is very addicted to games and whilst my instincts are to force him to enjoy the real world I find myself having to look in the mirror and remember the hours I’d lock myself away, playing Zelda or Final Fantasy, and that never did me any harm did it? Minecraft and gaming as a whole can bring much benefit to our kids and society but we also need to remember that games can’t raise our kids. That is still up to us.”

A very valid point Rob, and too often we see parents handing tablets and smartphones to children, just to keep them quiet for an hour or two. Parents getting involved with kids to play games together is something that many of us wish we could do, but in our generation, we’ll certainly be more inclined to play games with our children as they grow.

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[Source and Image credited to: BBC]

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