Spotlight – Multiplayer is ruining our best games

destiny crucibleThis week, community member Sean left a link on our Facebook wall, not saying much about it, instead letting the article do the talking. He did say that it’s a complaint he has had for years, about how multiplayer gaming is ruining the Triple A story game.

While the complaint isn’t as blunt as it may sound, a particular paragraph from the story stands out to me as well.

“Today’s multiplayer experience, particularly when it includes strangers, is mostly miserable. Trolls abound, bad behavior is the norm, and in the end these multiplayer battles just aren’t fun anymore. So not only has multiplayer ruined some of the biggest franchises in gaming, it’s also become a devalued experience due to all the lame-ass idiots destroying the experience for everyone else.”

advanced warfare muliplayerThis in particular, is a topic that was discussed yesterday on our Facebook page, on the topic of GTA V and modders/hackers ruining everyone’s experience for their own personal gain.

I love multiplayer titles, but with friends. Gone are the days when online gaming is ‘new’, to pc or to console gamers, with the current scenario involves glitching, ‘lag-switching’, abusing bugs, and trying to cheat the system. Have a read of the article, and let us know what you think in the comments.


[Source: Techno Buffalo]

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