Spotlight – Condemning upcoming games

Evolve Behemoth spotlightThis week’s Community Spotlight points at Gabriel Jose Salcido, who sent us a private message this week, asking us a few questions on gaming. We enjoy your PMs, so keep them coming, if you don’t want to post them on our wall publicly. One of his questions was about how announced games get the ‘pitchfork threatment’ before they’re even released. Why is that?

“It’s been kind of a thing lately that the gaming community condemns a game before it’s even out or any gameplay is even out. DmC, Evolve, The Order: 1886, Star Wars Battlefront, Metal Gear Rising, and many other games. What’s your opinion on this?”

battlefrontWe thought we would ask the community on this one, as we each have our own opinion, and here, we give you the chance to express it (not that you don’t have a chance any other day of the week!)

As usual guys, if you have something you want to get off your chest about gaming, feel free to send us a message privately or post it on our wall on Facebook. If we feel something is worth discussing or debating about, we’ll share it the following Sunday as part of our Spotlight.

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