Spotlight – 4-One is making a “huge difference”

4-one logoEvery week, we like to pick out a message or comment from a fan and share it with the community if we think it it can lead to a good talking point. This week, it’s a little different. It has been a big week for 4-One, with us launching our very own website, and it’s our intention to stick around for the long haul and make an even bigger name for ourselves. Yesterday, a fan by the name of Zach left a very warming message on our wall, which made me blush.

“Very few figures in the game industry have helped shape my overall approach and my way of thinking about games. A few examples would be Reggie Fils Aime from Nintendo, Phil Spencer from Microsoft, Gabe Newell from Valve, and a now canned youtube channel called Rev3 Games. All of these figures have showed me different points of views and have also shown me unique ways of looking at games in general, and I have to thank the people on this page, because you guys are one of the only figures in the entire gaming industry that promotes equality among all platforms with biased free news, opinions, and views. Your page has shown me that people who enjoy games can still interact with each other regardless of platform and you guys always come to mind when I see platform flaming. Keep it classy guys, you are making a huge difference.”

Excuse me while I grab a tissue *sniff*. Again, thank you Zach. We know a lot of you look up to what we’re doing, and we only hope you stick by us on our epic journey and ‘make a huge difference’. We’d love to see more of you register on our website and get involved in the forums and comments (and turning off ad-block on our site!) to help us fund our annual upkeep costs and buy some games to give away!

As usual guys, if you have something you want to get off your chest about gaming or the industry, feel free to send us a private mail, or post your story on our wall. If we feel it will make for a good talking point, we will share it with the community next week!

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